Thursday, October 10, 2013

Congratulations, Bridget–You’re FOUR! (late? who’s late?)

*Where has the time gone?! I diligently wrote this post on time on 9/7/13, but since I wrote it at work and can’t seem to post from Blogger without having the paragraphs turn into one big blob, this has been sitting in my poor, lengthy cue…Happy birthday to my baby, none the less!*


She's been waiting and waiting and it finally arrived. Her BIRTHDAY. My sweet girl is a big four year old and she's tickled as she can be.


There's just so much more to say as the years go on, and making a list of likes and dislikes, things she can do, etc gets tougher and tougher. She can do so much now! Here's my best attempt while I'm sitting at the office procrastinating my work:


- most fruits (yay!)
- carrots & peanut butter
- all things breakfast (give that girl some bacon!)
- water and milk and her favorite drinks (phew! its not like she hasn't tasted a sip of soda and thinks is glorious, but she's accepted the whole "treat" idea and knows that water is best. Yay!)
- coke Slurpees and snocones (not sure where she gets that...hehehe)
- pistachios, avocado (of course), steamed broccoli (wahoo!), cottage cheese (a new like), yogurt (Mimi lets her crunch up goodies to mix in - don't we love grandparents?)
- "crunchy beans" aka a soft bean burrito with crunched up chips inside. Whatever gets us through a Mexican restaurant dinner and doesn't mean ordering nuggets and fries! A triumph!
- being outdoors & hiking with Daddy
- Daddy. She's still a Mama's girl, but since Mommy gets to be the mean one most of the time, this girl always loves going to Daddy for some good spoiling.
- Princesses. Any princess. Anytime. Anywhere.
- iPad. No, we don't have one. She still is obsessed.
- puzzles and Memory games
- Science. We've been doing more and more science experiments and she's loving seeing how things work. Having a science teacher for a Mimi and an engineer for a Grandpa explains a lot!
- nightgowns. Don't you dare try to put this girl in anything else!
- sleeping on the floor. Oy.
- preschool! We are so blessed to see her smiling face each time she heads off the school. I really hope she continues to love learning as much as she does now!
- getting her nails done. Fun!


- healthy meats: ground anything, fish, chicken breast, turkey (unless its the cubes and I call it ham...then she loves it)
- sleeping at bedtime. It's been a battle every day for a few weeks. Not. Cool. (now that I’m posting this late, we’ve completely recovered from this phase! Cheers!)
- having help getting dressed.
- being away from Mommy. Tear.
- most "caretaker" situations that don't involve Mommy/Daddy or preschool. Thankfully she's old enough to discuss things, but its still rough sometimes. Did I mention the not going to bed well at night? Yeah. That doesn't help behavior!
- her car seat. Great.
- being sweaty. Poor girl has gotten so much from her Daddy, and sweating after even lifting a finger is one of those traits. Poor thing.



You are such a blessing to me and your Daddy. We were just talking about how in awe we are of you and how we can't imagine our life without you. How has it already been four years since you joined our family and changed our lives forever? You zest for life is infectious and we are so proud of the little lady you have become and what is in store for your future. Thank you for being you. We love you to pieces and will never be able to tell you enough how much we truly love you.


Hugs and love,


Mommy and Daddy

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  1. TEARS!! I canNOT believe it's been 4 years. You are raising one special, sweet little lady, Miss Anna!! I am so proud of her and of you my friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIDGET!