Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Home Visit from Miss Suzanne!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…so I love Bridget’s pre-school. Honestly, shouldn’t every parent love her kiddo’s preschool? Last year, you may remember my “I’m falling apart” story that started with me getting the wrong day for B’s school visit to meet her teacher, Miss Trish, which caused me to crumble like a day-old crispy cookie right there in the parking lot. Well, this year the teachers come to the kids!!! Wahoo!!! I’m always happy to have an excuse to clean my house (like most, I usually clean my house when others are coming over…makes me keep up with friends better AND it makes me clean my house more often. Great symbiotic relationship), and Miss Suzanne’s visit was certainly a reason to clean!

While I was filling out paperwork for B’s class, my little got a chance to show her teacher around the house and introduce Miss Suzanne to all B’s favorite toys.


Next up came puzzles and books in the toy room. It’s so cool to watch seasoned preschool teachers evaluate kiddos during activities, all the while the littles are feeling like they’re just having fun together.


Someone’s even more excited to start school next week! It can’t come soon enough!


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  1. I love that her teacher visited y'all at home! Reminds me of Sandra telling stories of home visits.