Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Fabulous Weekend of Birthdays!


The weekend before school starts has been an exciting time for me and B for three years in a row now. Two very special birthday parties have shared the same Saturday each year, but they somehow manage to separate their start times just enough for us to attend both. Yippee! (of course, that makes for ONE TIRED GIRL…sheesh)

First up: Landry and Lindsay’s Painting Party!

Ya’ll. This was one of the cutest ideas I’ve seen in a while. The twins’ dad built a huge easel and all the kids got an apron and a canvas where Kevin had pre-painted (to allow for quick drying and adhesion of the paint) and stenciled pics. He was super dad! The kids got to choose their favorite design – B chose a bee with a flower. Shocked?

Look how happy she is!



B has shared a home day care with Landry and Lindsay since she was 2 months old. Even Miss Kathy came to check out all the art work! We love you, Miss Kathy!



Playing with daycare buddies – two Princess Belles (Bridget and Brinley):


Hanging with one of the birthday girls, Landry:



Doesn’t this look like so much fun?!


Next up, we headed to Frisco for a laid-back beverage at Starbucks and quiet reading at Half-Price Books before it was time for our sweet friend, Alexandra’s 5th birthday party! The FUN BUS was coming!!!


Bridget and birthday girl, Alexandra with one of Alexandra’s pals, Sarah:


Who wouldn’t want to come play in a place like this?! An air-conditioned school bus that will come to your house, filled with what’s basically a little Little Gym inside?! Wish I’d nabbed some action shots, but the bus was pretty much kids and Fun Bus teachers only (both of whom did a great job with the kids!)…while the grownups got to hang in the house. Nice Smile. It was nice of the teachers to allow parents to sneak in for some pics!


Delicious cake and presents came up next, and then I sadly didn’t any more pics because I was dealing with a tantrum queen who just didn’t want the party to ever stop. I only have myself to blame Smile. At least it was safe to say she had an awesome time! The other kids at Alexandra’s party were so well-behaved and really played well together. It’s always refreshing to be at a party where everyone is mostly on the same page. Ahh. I’m pretty sure we have Alexandra and her parents’ dispositions to thank for that!


Happy birthday, friends! We love you and are so thankful you included us in your special day!

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