Monday, February 4, 2013

Zoo Date with Mom and Mimi

Seeing as how we were gifted a family membership to the Dallas Zoo by a sweet friend a few months ago (and still hadn’t used it!), AND its “Penguin Days” during January and February ($5 admission for EVERYONE, EVERYDAY)…we just couldn’t say no to a Zoo trip with Mimi. I let B play hookie from school and we skipped over to South Dallas. It was BEAUTIFUL outside!


After the carousel, we headed right to the Children’s Zoo area before it got too crazy. Families sure were taking advantage of the great weather and discounted tickets!


First stop – PONY RIDES!


Mystical barn owl:


We could have spent two hours just in the children’s area:



Then it was time to feed the birds. Wish I had a good picture of the 6 or so birds that swarmed me upon entry into the area (the pic below is miliseconds after the 2 on my head flew away). The Fort Worth Zoo birds seemed pretty full at our last visit and didn’t want to eat…NOT the case here! I had birds on my shoulders, arms, hands, and head! I was frozen stiff, but they weren’t scary at all. Enough so that B allowed the zookeeper to place a really neat bird on B’s arm…for about 5 seconds. Same bird that REALLY wanted into Mimi’s camera bag. Zookeeper said that’s why this bird has such a long, skinny beak!:


Fuzzy, furry monkeys and the koala! He was AWAKE for once!





We enjoyed a yummy lunch in the company of some lazy Simbas, soaking up the sun:


Found a friend when visiting the silly penguins:


You better believe a good, quality nap was had at the end of this awesome morning! In fact, I think both B and Mommy took a nap! Shhh…that’s NEVER happens!


Plan your trip during Penguin Days while you still can. The Dallas Zoo, while not a big as its Fort Worth cousin, is really becoming a fabulous place. Can’t wait for our next trip!

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  1. A zoo membership? That's a great gift, and what a fun morning! Way to go on the nap, Momma!!