Thursday, February 21, 2013

Us lately…

Oh, poor blog. I’ve neglected you! Not a ton to report, however, at this time. We haven’t done much in the way of exciting things lately, as the calm season has just about passed us by and the schedules are getting insane again (and not just with social events…grr). I can’t believe March will be here NEXT WEEKEND!

Here’s a note to catch up on things past for the Adamo team:

1) Sophia’s Princesses & Knights birthday party – had a great time playing with our buddies, Jill & Alexandra, at the party but J and I couldn’t help but comment on Pouty Paula (the birthday girl). Why do some kiddos always turn so grouchy at parties?! We still had a great time. So much majesty! (though Jill and I are both sure the icky sicky virus our ladies caught was from someone at this party…but who?!?!)


2) Penny’s indoor bath – what do you do when its yucky/cold outside and your huge dog needs a bath? You first try taking her to the “DIY Doggie Bath” place, but drive there and realized its closed for good. You then hope to send her to the groomer but realize she still needs those update shots from the vet. Sooo…finally, this happens:


Little treats from Bridget to keep Penny from jumping ship, many Bridget shots with the camera, and eventually a clean pooch. Fun insanity! Oh, then it was immediately time for a Bridget bath. So fun when we found the pink foam my sisters and I used to play with when we were little!


3) Nail Painting Party at Daddy’s School – sweet Jill invited us to share some good, old fashioned girl fun at a great event hosted by one of the teachers at Jonathan’s school. All the 6th grade girls were invited to participate in a mini-workshop after school focusing on how to be a good friend to others, all while getting to do manis on each other! Teachers were invited, too, and daughters were welcome. What a treat! Jill and I were tickled at how much we were getting to see each other…again, what a treat!


On another note, we’re experiencing some new phases of child development over here and most of them are NOT PRETTY. Sheesh! This mom is really being tested, but we’re making it through always with the knowledge that tomorrow is another day…but man, has it been rough. Maybe another reason I haven’t done much snapping of pics lately…way too many sour faces from my noodle doodle!

That’s another post for another day. For now, I think I’ll take a quick nap (that’s right, I said it – I’m going to take a NAP) on the couch while B sleeps. I’ll consider it a gift to myself after staying up past 3am the other night to finish a work assignment. Ah, school. How you keep me on my toes Smile.

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  1. I LOVE that picture of B running at the end of the cute!!! And oh, boy...I remember that phase of child development's not pretty at all although the other side of it is glorious!!