Saturday, December 15, 2012

School’s Out For WINTER!

So I tried writing this post from my phone right after my last final but I just can’t figure out how to do it while also being able to arrange photos in the text. And that I can’t access my photo album for pics, I can only TAKE a picture with the Blogger app…whatever…side track.

So, I’m officially done with the semester as of Tuesday morning! WAHOO! Ya’ll, its just truly impossible for me to remember what a normal life is like until I’m actually free of school responsibilities. I’m so thankful to be reminded of what life will be like again (and FOREVER) once I’m done with this crazy journey through law school. Blah. At least I’m free of it for a solid 3 WEEKS. The best Christmas present of all!

So, in order to make my finals schedule work, I needed a little help…as usual. My parents watched B during two of my tests, one of which was on Friday night and the final final on Tuesday morning. At 8am. Impossible to drop a child at the sitter’s (namely a child who’s not used to waking up much before 8am…go ahead and roll you eyes), then sit in at least an hour of traffic and make it from North Carrollton to SMU by 8am, let alone with the 30 window the school suggests we allow for ourselves. Sooo, B and I planned a sleep over at Mimi and Pop’s for Monday night. I got time to study at the library the night before the test (I’m 100% a cram studier and always have been), B was able to sleep at least until 7am, and I got to school with plenty of time since they live only 10 minutes from campus.

Here’s me up before 5am to do some more last minute studying and find plenty of time for a shower. Right – another important part of the story. My mom and I plan our office Christmas party and stupidly planned it for the same day as my exam (after we’d already okay’d the sleepover). The exam was from 8-11:30am (in law school, everyone uses EVERY SECOND allowed for the exam) and the party started at 12:30 at my parents’ house. Awesome

Back to the story. I look amazing here…sarcasm. I DO NOT GET UP THAT EARLY:


As much as I’d love to sleep right next to my sweetie, I wanted to make sure she could sleep a little later than me. She got her own spot next to my bed and was such a sweet angel while I got ready:


Excitement face for me being TOTALLY done with the semester!!!


And a post party glass of wine with my Mommy to celebrate the entire morning being a success. What would I do without my Mom?!?!?!



WAHOO!!!!! Have a mentioned how excited I am to be done with school for the season?! I’ve just been one big ball of joy all week, and though I felt so much sadness yesterday while following the horrific events unfold in Connecticut, I continued to be even more thankful for the time I have with my family, especially my own precious baby. Oh, how our hearts still break for those families affected by the tragedy.

Even more of a reason to keep living every day I’m given to its fullest…

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  1. Way to solidly earned that glass of wine! Heck...even the whole bottle. With another sleepover, of course. :)