Saturday, December 8, 2012

SANTA!!!! I KNOW him…

Thus far, we’ve managed to meet up with the Big Man 3-4 times each year and I know 2012 will bring us the same jolly fate. I just love the joy that a visit with Santa brings! We started off December with a very memorable breakfast with St. Nick and our cherished Fair friends. 3 years strong!


My noodle doodle has been thrilled with all the dressy events recently, especially when Mommy allows her to wear her sparkly shoes. She was all smiles while we waited in line:


Especially when we found our buddies and sweet Alexandra greeted Bridget by handing her a new Advent calendar! One of my favorite Christmas traditions! We’ve certainly popped up bright and early each morning this Advent season ready to nibble upon our yummy chocolate treats. Thanks, friends!


Finally it was her turn and she performed quite well. She definitely remembered that this Santa gives candy canes to each boy and girl, so she was certain to satisfy the Santa procedure, no matter what level of fear or bravery she experienced.


(side note: I knew I wasn’t getting up early enough to prep B’s curls for this event so I opted to try the straightening iron on her for the first time. As you can see, her hair did not really comply but I think it helped manage her wild mane better than merely a brush…love me some Bridget locks!)

After a scrumptious pancake breakfast, it was time for crafts! Jill and I got a giggle at our wonderful like-mindedness when we both quickly bypassed the room involving glitter. No thank you!




Its easy to see how much fun we all had that morning. Look at these smiling faces!



A little blast from the Santa breakfast past, courtesy of Miss Jill (2010 then 2011). Why do they grow so fast?! I’m asking Santa to slow down time, that’s for sure…


Merry Christmas, Jill, Alexandra and Josephine! One of our greatest gifts we can receive is the unconditional friendship we share with angels like you. Thank you for your constant support! Can’t wait for Santa Breakfast 2013!

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  1. I LOVE B' s locks, too, no matter how they are fixed...she's so lucky!! Actually, I love every single thing about that silly girl!!!