Sunday, May 26, 2013

Randoms of life lately

Family road rally, which started at a super cool free car museum tucked away in Farmers Branch:

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First Frosty Paws (doggie ice cream!) of the season:

iPhone misc AprMay 2013 018

Daddy/Daughter adventures:

iPhone misc AprMay 2013 029

Denton Arts & Jazz Festival 2013:

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Julie, Abby and Patrick came over to rescue me prior to finals so I’d have some time to study in peace at the library while B was highly entertained by her best bud. So sweet!

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Our first Rangers game of the year! Not only was the weather awesome (the girls got to snuggle under a comfy blankie!), we also got a great fireworks show and a Rangers WIN!

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On the hunt for fireworks:

iPhone misc AprMay 2013 154

Bridget yelling at me through the camera – she’s all of a sudden SUPER against the camera moving at all. It’s actually hilarious.


STARS game with Bridget! Another sports WIN!


Mommy and Daddy at the Opera. The production was amazing, and so was the AT&T Performing Arts Center. We were both so annoyed that it took us so long to finally go see it!


Enjoying some kite time with Daddy:

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I wasn’t about to miss bluebonnets this year – so we managed ONE good shot just off the parking lot of Arbor Hills. That’ll do for this busy momma!

iPhone love 4-12-13 058

Visiting Daddy and his band at Sandy Lake Amusement Park:

iPhone love 4-12-13 130

Grand Day at B’s school. She was beaming with pride being the only kiddo in her classroom with FOUR grandparent visitors. She’s so blessed to have them!


With all our busy, wild craziness, she often needs that afternoon nap pretty badly. Love how relaxed her sweet face looks when she’s sleeping. Precious angel.


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  1. You guys are always have SO much fun! I love it!