Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sad news :(

Here's an email that I sent
out the day after we lost our sweet puppy, Zelda, to kidney disease:

Good morning, friends.

The Adamos had a sad day yesterday when we had to say goodbye to our precious puppy, Zelda. After a life-long battle (one we were made aware of only 5 short weeks ago) with kidney disease, she quietly let us know that she was ready for us to end her suffering. We would have celebrated her 1st birthday next week. Tuesday afternoon, the vibrant, jumping, eating, squealing, precocious little friend we’d grown to love was noticeably absent and in her place was an obviously sick puppy.

Many of you know that 5 weeks ago she shocked us by needing a 3 day trip to the doggie emergency center upon which we learned of her terminal situation. We were told that her time was limited but we didn’t know for how long. Luckily, Jonathan and I learned to live each day with Zelda to the fullest and were able to go on many walks, a family camping trip, and quite a few visits to our two favorite dog parks. Oh, and we indulged her in twice-daily bowls of wet food…every dogs’ favorite! It was a good time that we had together and when she went downhill again, she went down terribly fast. I think this actually helped us get over the very difficult situation so we didn’t have to see her in pain for long.

Thank you for your well-wishes and thoughts as well as all the pets you may have given to our special furry baby. She will be missed, but she will not be forgotten. We’re already starting to feel happier and remembering fun times instead of spending time being sad.

Certainly some sad times at our place, but as you can see, we've had great news in the days since!

Here we are at Caprock Canyon State Park over the Thanksgiving holiday week. She had such a great time!

Jonathan is getting ready to take Zelda on a walk with her Outward Dog backpack. This was one of her last walks :(.

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  1. Great pics...love the one of you all on the front porch and the one of you all at the Canyon. Perfect memories...awesome that you captured them on film!